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The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI’s coming …

 · AI-powered machines and software will likely start to untether from human supervision, embarking on their fateful path as sentient beings. But this will happen much later in the distant future. In the next four years, however, we believe AI’s industry …
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The Past Decade and Future of AI’s Impact on Society

AI and ICT make it easy to bond with people from all over the world, or indeed with entertaining fantasies employing AI technology that are not actually human. But our neighbors’ well-being has enormous impacts on our own and are in many senses shared, through the quality of water, air, education, fire and other emergency services, and of course personal security.

Artificial Intelligence – The History, Now, and Future

The history of Artificial Intelligence is quite interesting and dated back in 20th century when science fiction familiarized the world with the concept of artificially intelligent robots. As current research in AI is constant and continues to grow, it will be interesting to see
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How artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing business …

Future-Proofing AI Moore’s law, which says computing power doubles every two years, is getting harder to achieve on a single chip. Tech industry heavyweights including IBM, NVIDIA, Google and
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1. Artificial Intelligence Past, Present and Future Grigory Sapunov GoTo School on Machine Learning, Data Science and IoT Moscow 01.08.2016 CTO / Intento 2. Overview 3. AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad field of study dedicated to complex
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9 Development in Artificial Intelligence
future pioneer in AI, Marvin Minsky, then a graduate student in mathematics at Princeton and a participant in the 1952 conference, to work with him at Bell Laboratories during 1953. 4 By 1955, McCarthy believed that the theory of machine intelligence was
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History of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (Infographic)
Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have given the world computers that can beat people at chess and “Jeopardy!,” as well as drive cars and manage calendars. But despite the
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2019 Google opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana.The Google AI Centre in Ghana would provide solutions to the problems the continent faces related to health care and agriculture. 2018 The AI Now Report 2018 by the AI Now Institute revealed unsafe and poor practices by IBM Watson, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and Amazon
Infographic: A Timeline of Future Technology

Here’s a List of Everything Elon Musk Says He’ll Do by 2030

 · A Timeline of Projects 2017: Quite a number of the goals Musk set for his many endeavors look at the really near future, as close as 100 days in fact when it comes to building the world’s
Semiconductor Engineering - Artificial Intelligence Chips: Past. Present and Future
Where We Are Headed
A timeline highlighting some of the most important events that have shaped psychedelic medicines and practices today. Where We Are Headed The Past & Future Of Psychedelics As Medicine Coming soon as a book 1000 1940 1960 1970 2000 2010 Today
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The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence in …

The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence in Application Security 2018 was a record year for the amount of data stolen as a result of cyber security breaches. These breaches affected major brands both financially and reputationally. With the sheer volume of
The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 2 - Wait But Why
What Is Artificial Intelligence
Accenture outlines what artificial intelligence is, why AI matters, the benefits of AI, the future of AI and how it impacts functions across the enterprise. Read more. There are many ways to define artificial intelligence, but the more important conversation …
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10 Ways AI Is Improving Manufacturing In 2020

 · The Future of AI and Manufacturing, Microsoft, Greg Shaw (PDF, 73 pp., PDF, no opt-in). The Rise of the AI-Powered Company in the Postcrisis World, Boston Consulting Group, April 2, …
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5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence (AI) You Must Stop …

 · Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform many aspects of business and society, but with that also comes hype and fear. Here we look at five biggest myths about AI and