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Tax planning for companies and individuals
Tax planning operations for both companies and individuals. Expatriation and repatriation of employees and directors. Definition of fiscally efficient revenue mechanisms. Development of the aforementioned actions in coordination with other departments within the
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Tax Planning Strategies Adopted by MNCs
It is a tax planning strategy in which companies operating from a high-tax country relocate to a low-tax jurisdiction, so as to reduce the effective tax rate. Companies opt to change their primary establishment from one country to another so as to take advantage of the lower and more favourable tax regime.
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Year-end tax planning for companies – CPD module
Year-end tax planning for companies – CPD module This month’s exclusive Accountancy Daily CPD module focuses on how to carry out an effective pre-year end review of the company’s tax affairs. By completing this module year-end tax planning for companies, you will be able to:
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Year-end tax planning for companies
Year-end tax planning for companies – CPD module – NEW This month’s exclusive Accountancy Daily CPD module focuses on how to carry out an effective pre-year end review of the company’s tax affairs.
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U.S. Tax Planning for U.S. Companies Doing Business in Latin …

 · PDF 檔案233 ARTICLES U.S. TAX PLANNING FOR U.S. COMPANIES DOING BUSINESS IN LATIN AMERICA Robert F. Hudson, Jr.* Gregg D. Lemein I. Introduction * Robert Hudson is the senior tax partner in the Miami office of Baker & McKenzie. He is past Chairman of
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International Tax Planning for Trading Companies

Slides of the Webinar “International Tax Planning for Trading Companies” presented by NEWCO. In this webinar, the concept of trading is explained, as well as the key factors normally considered when choosing a jurisdiction, namely safety and credibility
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Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed …

Rayney’s Tax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2020/21 is an invaluable source of money-saving guidance for anyone who advises or runs a family or owner-managed company. Widely recognised as the leading book on the subject, it examines an extensive variety of tax planning …
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International Tax Planning II
In our last blog post covering international tax planning, we focused on the unique tax traps related to international acquisitions.In our final installment, we discuss the tax considerations for foreign businesses looking to acquire companies in the U.S.
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20 Tax Saving Tips For Business Owners And Startups

Income tax department suggests to file income tax return on time to avail many benefits. One of the main benefits is carry forward of losses on business income. Business income losses can be carried forward for a consecutive period of 8 years and hence can be …
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Corporate Tax
Corporate Tax Planning Corporate tax planning can be understood as strategizing one’s financial business affairs in such a way so as to maximize profit and minimize payable tax by taking into account the allowed benefits of deductions, rebates and exemptions.
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Insights: Holding Companies of Europe – Tax Planning for European Expansion in a Changing Landscape

 · PDF 檔案companies as part of European tax planning. Historically, these plans followed a roadmap designed to deconstruct business op-erations, placing production, financing, and I.P. functions with separate group mem-bers in different countries. If the roadmap was
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Branch or Subsidiary: Tax Planning for Canadian …

Branch or Subsidiary: Tax Planning for CDN Companies Expanding Operations to the US Canadian businesses looking to expand operations into the US have many issues to work through at the planning stage, and one important one is how to structure US operations from a tax …
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Pre-Year End Tax Planning Checklist
Effective tax planning is a year round job but it is only at the end of tax year that you have all the information in place to complete the planning jigsaw. Whilst we appreciate that it may feel as if you’ve only just submitted your tax return for 2017/18, the new tax year starts this week and planning …
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Pre-IPO US tax planning for US founders of companies …

One of Biden’s best known tax proposal is to cut the unified credit significantly (from current US$11.78 million to potentially US$3.5 million). This could mean an even bigger estate tax bill without proper planning. There are some planning techniques to mitigate