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2008-03-01] 來源,大 中 小] 為了避免難以弄清的復雜的嵌套的If語句,admin [字體,你可以使用Select Case語句代替。它的語法為,if文の他にselect文があります。select文はある1つの値を複數の他の値を比較する場合に使います。 基本的な構文は下記の通りです。 Select Case 比較対象 Case 條件式1 (條件式1がTrueの時に行う処理1) (條件式1がTrueの時に行う処理2) Case …
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VBA Select Case
The VBA Select Case statement is also called the Switch Case in many other languages such as Java, C++, C#, and JavaScript. It checks a variable for different values. If any case is true, then it will execute only that case and avoided the rest of other cases.
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Excel VBA Select Case
Excel VBA – Die wichtigsten Befehle Folge 17. Select Case Verzweigungen in Excel VBA nutzen – Unterschiede zur If Then Else Verzweigung. Sub Beispiel5() ‘Laufvariable für die For Schleife definieren Dim i As Integer For i = 2 To 10 Select Case Cells(i, 1
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Select Case Statement with ComboBox
 · Select Case Statement with ComboBox. Microsoft Access / VBA Forums on Bytes. No, you have it right, they shouldn’t be bound to any part of your record. That would just mean that changing a value in your text box would change the data in the record.
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Can I handle a Null in a CASE Statement

 · I am assuming this is Access. Is my assumption correct? If so then you should be able to use Nz function. See Help for more information on use of Nz function where you can convert a Null to a zero length string (or other value of choice) for the purpose of the
, 作者, Select Case 測試表達式 Case 表達式1 如果表達式1匹配測試表達式的語句 Case 表達式2 如果表達式2匹配測試表達
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Case “F16” , “D16” Case “B16” Case “J16” Case Else End Select Tested and Approved by yours truly. ‘Testing Purposes Public Function TestSelect(sCase As String) Select Case sCase Case “F16”, “D16” MsgBox “Case1 works.” & sCase Case “A16
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Przewodnik po obudowie przełącznika VBA. Tutaj omawiamy sposób korzystania z instrukcji Case Case w Excelu VBA wraz z praktycznymi przykładami i szablonem Excel do pobrania.
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The VBA Switch Function – Evaluates a List of Boolean Expressions and Returns a Value Associated With the First True Expression – Function Description & Examples In the above call to the Switch function, the second expression, i<20 is the first expression to evaluate to True..
VBA Switch Case | How to Use Switch Case Statement in Excel VBA?
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VBA Switch Case | How to Use Switch Case Statement in Excel VBA?
Excel VBA Select Case Statement Examples
The Select Case statement can offer a neater and more concise alternative to nested If Then Else statements in Excel VBA. So when you are performing complex logical tests, the Select Case statement can break it down into more logical chunks of code. This …
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5 Examples to Learn Excel VBA Select Case statement

The Select Case is another decision making statement in VBA that may be useful for scenarios where you have a single expression to evaluate that has several possible values. For example, you require executing a block of code based on the day of the …
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VBS教程,每一層嵌套的 Select Case 語句必須有與之匹配的 End Select 語句 Select Case 語句 根據表達式的值執行幾組語句之一。 Select Case testexpression [Case expressionlist-n [statements-n]] . . . [Case Else expressionlist-n
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 · VBA – Using the Like Operator With Select Case Latest update on July 30, 2020 at 11:41 AM by David Webb . Under normal circumstances, the Select Case …
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