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Xander Ford (Before and after) ang gwapo talaga niya - YouTube
Finally! Marlou reveals new look
(UPDATED) Internet sensation Marlou Arizala on Sunday finally revealed his new look, weeks after undergoing cosmetic surgery. For weeks, Arizala, who now goes by the name Xander Ford, teased fans with his new look. It was earlier revealed that aside from
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When they showed the “before and after” photo of Xander Ford. “I didn’t get it. What’s the diff?” she said. Watch on the video below. Xander went under the knife to enhance his nose
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Xander Ford is still Marlou Arizala even after drastic …

 · Ford, who was bashed online before his transformation, said cyberbullying motivated him to undergo cosmetic surgery and several other physical enhancements. Vin Diesel + ‘Teen King’ = Xander Ford

After admitting that he has a boyfriend, Xander Ford …

Three days after he revealed his unnamed boyfriend in his YouTube channel, internet sensation Xander Ford has been receiving bashings left and right. Ford’s vlog episode on July 20 has garnered
Marlou Arizala's Magical Transformation to Xander Ford! ~ TV Series Craze

Xander Ford to address Kathryn Bernardo issue

 · READ: Xander Ford is still Marlou Arizala even after drastic transformation Latest from this section Anderson Cooper gets advice from Ken Jennings before guest-hosting ‘Jeopardy!’
Xander Ford’s Face Began To Return On Its Original Form Few Months After Surgery?

Raffy Tulfo talks to ex-girlfriend of Xander Ford after …

According to Ysah, Xander’s mother called her before to ask her to drop the charges against Xander. She added that Xander did not take the charges seriously at first. Although she feels sad for
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Kathryn Bernardo Posts About Flaws, Cyberbullying …

 · Kathryn Bernardo shares something on social media. KATHRYN BERNARDO – The Kapamilya network’s Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo’s post about flaws and cyberbullying crosses social media after Xander Ford’s video gone viral. According to a previous report, the internet sensation Xander Ford …
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Marlou Arizala gets nose job; changes name to Xander Ford
Xander Ford on his name change and cosmetic surgery: “Kahit laitin nila ako ngayon, hindi na yun yung ako.” “Kapag nagbago ka ng mukha, it should follow na magbago ka ng pangalan, bago rin ang personality mo.” Kumpiyansa ang talent management ni Marlou
Xander Ford denies arrogance issue on Ogie Diaz FB post - Startattle

Amid #HijaAko movement, Xander Ford and Vhong …

 · Xander Ford and Vhong Navarro, both personalities in the local showbiz industry, on Thursday gained traction on Twitter Philippines after they were accused of committing sexual violence to women. Ford, also known as internet sensation Marlou …
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Xander Ford’s name taken away from Marlou Arizala

24 Apr – Xander Ford is Xander Ford no more, as Star Image Artist Management recently announced that it has taken away the rights to Marlou Arizala’s stage name. As reported on ABS-CBN, the company recently shared a poster bearing the words “Search for the Next Much Deserving Xander Ford”, and claiming that Arizala, who was given the name before, has committed a breach of contract.
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Marlou Arizala suspended; management takes back …

The management likewise confirmed that Arizala once poked fun at Kathryn Bernardo even before his “transformation” and even bashed other ABS-CBN stars. Arizala made headlines after undergoing weeks of cosmetic surgery in October 2017. Aside from …
Looks familiar? Here’s a short list of Xander Ford’s lookalikes - The Summit Express

Marlou Arizala Allegedly Exposed His New Face After …

 · Recently, a Facebook user named Jahziel Manabat has posted the photos of a man who was allegedly Xander Ford, the new Marlou Arizala after undergoing a surgical operation. However, there is still no confirmation whether the guy in the photo …

Marlou Arizala is now the newly enhanced Xander Ford

4 Oct – It might have not been easy, but performer Xander Ford, known previously as Marlou Arizala, is happy with his overall physical transformation after undergoing a series of plastic surgery
Xander Ford’s First Photoshoot After Cosmetic Surgery

Ogie Diaz responds to Xander Ford over arrogance issue

 · That’s the advice given by actor and showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz to Xander Ford, formerly known as Marlou Arizala, after the former member of Hash5t responded to his previous allegations about Ford